Crochet Mickeymouse Hat and Bag Project

Atlast after long months, I finally started crocheting again. I was busy with our garden these past few months so I am not in the mood for crochet. Recently, I have to stop gardening, not because I’m done, but because I don’t have enough resources anymore. (hahaha). So no other thing to do but to go back to crocheting for the meantime and here’s what I made so far….


Mickey Mouse Hat with ear Flap 

A customer ordered this for a 2 year old boy but his size is like my 7 year old boy. And that explains why this hat fits on me.


Here’s another oner project I finished after the mickeymouse hat. Black and yellow bag inspired from the one I saw in one of the crocheting group I am in. I always wanted to do  some fashionable bag  like this so I am happy I finally made one! It’s supposed to be mine but the daughter said she like it so now I think I have to make another one.

It’s fun to crochet, but it’s kind of addictive coz once I get started, I won’t stop until I get bored. So now, I am working on another project that I haven’t done before. I am excited to show it to you guys but I won’t tell you yet what is it (just incase I fail).

Head Measurement

Just incase I forgot how to get hat measurement, I am reposting this chart i got from google….

Size Head Circumference Hat Circumference Crown Circle Diameter Hat Height -Top of Crown to Bottom of Ear
Preemie 1 – 2 pounds 9 – 10 inches/23 – 25 cm 7.5 – 8 inches/18 – 20 cm 1.75 – 2 inches/4 ½ – 5 cm 3 – 3.5 inches/ 8 – 9 1/2 cm
Preemie 2 – 3 pounds 10 – 11 ¼ inches/25 – 28 cm 8 1/2 – 10 inches/22 – 25 cm 2.0 – 2.25 inches/5 cm 3.5 inches/9 – 9 ½ cm
Preemie 4 – 5 pounds 11 ½ – 12 inches/28 – 30 cm 9 – 10 inches/23 – 25 cm 2.5 – 3 inches/ 6 ½ – 8 cm 3.5 – 4 inches/9 – 10 ½ cm
Preemie 5 ½ – 6 pounds 12 – 13 inches/30 – 33 cm 10 – 11 inches/25 – 28 cm 3.0 – 3.5 inches/7 ½ – 9 cm 4 – 4.5 inches/10 ½ – 11 ½ cm
Newborn 13 inches/33 cm 12 – 12.5 inches/30.5 – 32 cm 3.5 – 4.0 inches/9 – 10 ½ cm 4.5 – 5.5 inches/11 ½ – 14 cm
2 weeks – 3 months 14 inches/35.5 cm 13 – 13.5 inches/33 – 34.5 cm 4.45 – 4.75 inches/11-12.5 cm 5.5 – 6 inches/14 – 15 ½ cm
3 – 6 months 15 inches/36 cm 14 – 14.5 inches/35.5 – 37 cm 5 inches/ 13 cm 6 – 6.25 inches/15 ½ – 16 cm
6 – 9 months 16 inches/40.5 cm 15 inches/36 cm 5.25 inches/14 cm 6.25 – 6.5 inches/16 – 16 ½ cm
9 -12 months 16.5 inches/42 cm 15.5 inches/ 39.5 cm 5.25 – 5.5 inches/14 – 15 cm 6.5 inches/16 ½ cm
12-18 months 17 inches/43.5 cm 16 inches/ 40.5 cm 5.5 – 5.75 inches/15 cm 6.75 inches/ 17 ½ cm
18-24 months 18 inches/46 cm 17 inches/ 43.5 cm 5.75 – 6 inches/15 – 16 cm 7.25 inches/19 cm
2-5 years 18 – 19 inches/46 – 48.5 cm 17 – 18 inches/43.5 – 46 cm 6 – 6.25/16 cm 7.25 – 7.5 inches/ 19 cm
Child 19 – 20 inches/48.5 – 51 cm 18 – 19 inches/46 – 48.5 cm 6.25 – 6.5 inches/16 cm – 17 cm 7.75 – 8.0 inches/20 cm
Teen 20 – 21 inches/51 – 53.5 cm 19 – 20 inches/48.5 – 51 cm 6.5 – 6.75 inches/17 8.0 – 8.5 inches/20 – 22 cm
Adult Woman 22 inches/56 cm 21 inches/53.5 cm 7 – 7.5 inches/18 – 19 cm 8.75 – 9 inches/23 cm
Adult Man 23 inches/ 59 cm 22 inches/56 cm 7.5 – 8 inches/19 – 20 cm 9.25 – 9.50/23 ½ cm

Head circumference 22 : 3.14 = 7.00 inches. Now you know your circle needs to be 7 inches. To get the correct height (from top of crown to bottom of the ear) you divide your circumference by 10 and multiply this number times 4.

Head circumference 22 : 10 = 2.2 x 4 = 8.8. So the hat height should be 8.8 inches. Hats are generally made about an inch smaller in circumference than the circumference of the head. This keeps the hat fitting snug and to keeps it from falling off. Most patterns generally have about an inch stretch to them.

DIY Picture Frame

As a  Disney Movie Club member, I got 4 different Lithographs as a reward when we bought Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy and Frozen Blurays. It’s 8 by 10 size and will make a cute decor in Kid’s Playroo but Elisha wanted it her room instead. So I thought of sticking it on her wall with sticky tact but it looks bare so I told her I will buy frames first. Few weeks later, lithographs have been sitting in my artroom coz Im prioritizing the things that are important first then I finallyI came up with an idea  this morning that saved me some money.

I remember making the same kind when I was in highschool. I can’t afford to buy a frame so I made one for myself that time.I love how things I created before are getting back to me little by little. Reminding me how I can make stuff without spending too much and  satisfy you with an awesome outcome at the same time.  I love how my resourcefulness kicks in when I need it!  So, let me share this simple project …enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage

Materials :

1. Wall Sticker (or any kind of paper you have or even fabric (gift wrapper, old clothes, etc)

2. Cardboard or old boxes

3. gluestick

4. Ribbon or Yarn (or whatever is availble for hanging or you can simply just stick in in the wall without it. Elisha’s theme is more like girly with bows so most of her decors have bows in it)

5. Ruler  and 6. Board Paper (with a size of the frame you’re creating for the base)



1. Cut your cardboard in whatever size you want that fits the picture you’re going to put.

2. Wrap the cut out boards with your chosen wrapper ( I used Wall Paper Sticker)

3. Lay the picture on the paper board. I used folder because I don’t have any board paper that is bigger that 8 by 10 picture.

4Position the cut out board as a frame and glue them onto the paper.

5. Lastly, attach the ribbon between the base and the frame so it won’t be visible from the back.

And voila!!! I made my daughter very happy for having an instant frame that matches her Bedroom theme…  Zebra and Pink!


10376440_635911583167115_1722112692_oThe frame looks lovely in her room. I will finish the other two lithograps next time,

DIY Painted Flower Pot


I have pending projects I needed to finish in my porch but It’s been raining for 2 days in a row and I missed gardening already. I tried going out when the rain stopped but I cannot resist the cold weather so went back in and think of something to do and came up with painting idea after all my house chores for the day.


So here’s what I’ve done for today aside from the FAMILY TREE Hand Paint project I did as well at the same day….

10364370_635150196576587_1192923158_oPainting is very easy, all you need are Flower Pot (old or new, just make sure it’s clean), painter’s tape, paint brush and yellow paint (or any color you desire)

Here’s how:  

PicMonkey Collage

And voila! Easy Pissy! Hope you like this project, don’t forget to like and share! ;)

DIY Family Tree Hand Paint

I have been planning to make a Family Tree but didn’t have any idea what kind so I looked up on Pinterest and saw a lot of awesome ideas. There are so many stuff to choose from but I chose to do an easy and simple idea  - a Black and White Family Tree Hand Paint inspired.  Here’s how to make one….

Materials:    Canvas (whatever size you prefer), Black and White Paint, Paint Brush (big and small), Pencil and    ofcourse, your FAMILY’s hand prints.

fam tree2

How To:

 Paint your canvas BLACK all over, let it dry for a few minutes.

Once paint is dry, draft your Tree and start painting it with WHITE PAINT. (I added some leaves on top since we’re only four in our family and it wont look good if there’s only 4 hand prints.)

After the tree trunk is done, you can now start taking each of family members’ hand print.

fam tree3

No Names

Another option is to put your initials on each hand but my kids have the same initial so I decided to just put our names. fam tree

With Names

PicMonkey Collage


I hope you liked this project, please don’t forget to like this post or share in Facebook! Enjoy!

How Advantage Forex Is


When it comes to money making, people find business more advantage than working. With its no limit of earning and time varies on the person manages the work, no wonder then.

There are different businesses available especially of today’s generation. Various categories of businesses are available to invest and even to make. Thus, those who are looking for a particular business to start up with won’t find it difficult to consult of which one is best for them.

Forex trading is one of the businesses that are buzzing today. In fact, different companies are starting building up their names in this particular field. With the help of technology, of course, things are easier for both investors and these companies to make money.

There are a lot of factors how advantageous forex is apart from its convenience of accessing and managing. That is why a lot of investors are interested having an account to such. And the following are the things one must know particularly those who are still in doubt.

  • Reliable
  • If you’re looking for a business that is accessible anytime and can give you the privilege to work anywhere, forex trading is definitely the best for you. With its online feature, things are easier for individuals to make money with it and so as managing to it.


  • Fast flow of earning
  • If you are knowledgeable at it or somehow knows the different tactics on how to earn at forex, earning fast is indeed guaranteed. As long as you know what are the ways to get succeed in the industry, things will definitely fall under your plans.


  • Affordable
  • Unlike any other businesses, forex trading is more convenient when it comes to investing for an account. It doesn’t require interested investors to invest a capital worth of thousands of dollars. In fact, for just a minimum of a hundred dollar, you can have an account which you can use to start earning then.

Choosing wisely which business to invest is really important even in forex trading. To really assure that you can earn, make sure as well that the one you’re choosing will really give you what you are looking for. Forex trading may or may not be your field, thus, make sure to check things first. 

Folding Chair Make Over

And another product of boredom kicked in me!  And yes, another make over!

I have these four folding chairs sitting in our garage for a month now I guess. These came with the patio furniture our friend gave to us. My husband asked me to check which one we can salvage and dump the rest in the garbage but I said to myself, all of them are still usefull so I kept them all and did a “Spring” make over.

I thought I should share this idea so here I am showing you how I did the make over…

First I detached the rusty and rotten seat, watch out for the rusty screws attached to the chair, you don’t wanna get yourself some deadly tetanus.


After making sure it’s clean, Time to paint it! I wanted to use yellow but my husband wouldn’t like it colorful so…


…I chose a different colorful part of the chair…


 Spring-y look!

This is the hard part. Upholstery. It’s not just covering up the old one, I totally made a new seat for this.

Materials for the seat:

cardboard/flywood (use a thin flywood if you have)

foam (used the foam I have available) 

Fabric  of your own choosing

Double Polished Clear Vinyl (or just single polished, depends on what you like)

Staple gun with staples

Step 1. Cut the cardboard/flywood for the chair

Step 2. Glue or staple the foam onto the cardboard

Step 3. Fold fabric over the foam and cardboard, pull it tight but not so tight then staple

Step 4. (optional) wrap it with the double  polished crystal vinyl the same way like you did with the fabric.


And there goes my Floral Folding Chair that I can temporarily use in our porch while  enjoying the view of the tulips in our lawn.


I hope you like it! If you really did, please hit LIKE below this post. Thanks and Goodluck!


DIY Easter Wreath

Hello once again. I hope everyone’s doing great! I’m going to show you another do-it-yourself project I’ve learned from Pinterest and I am so excited to show it to you guys! This is a very affordable project especially if you still have those old plastic eggs that your kids got from easter egg hunt last year.  It’s okay if you don’t have kids or you weren’t able to save them coz like what I said, the materials are very affordable.


PicMonkey Collage

plastic eggs any size or several sizes



hot glue



Cut any size of circle you want out of cardboard. You can get cardboard from any boxes available at home or you can ask free boxes from any stores in your area. I used this big box from the canvas I ordered online and made my circle using a big serving plate. Next, tie a small piece of ribbon for your hanger.  Secure 1 inch space for on each side of the ribbon for the bow.

Next step, hot glue the eggs butt to butt. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a perfectly laid coz you can always cover them with the grass and that is the next step after the first layer of the eggs.



Use your pencil to push the grass in between spaces of the egg.


Now you’re ready to lay the next layer. Arrange it however you wanted it. Poke some more grass if you need to cover more empty holes.


And now for the finishing touch, attach your bow (will make a bow tutorial soon) and voila! Here’s our beautiful Easter Wreath!!!!!


DSC_1784 DSC_1785

I hope you enjoyed doing it with me guys. Assuming you have the rest of materials available at home… Here’s a list to give you an idea how much you may spend for this project

          Regular Price                                                               What I spent

Two bags of eggs @ $2.00 each = $4.00    -    $0          Reused Eggs from last year
One bag of grass @ $1.50 = $1.50             –        .50c    Bought from Thrift Store
1 roll of ribbon @ $3.00 = $3.00                 –    $2           Clearance Sale from Hobby Lobby

If you have question just leave your comment and contacts and I will be happy to assist you. Thank you!!!


Chair Makeover

I am so loving the weather today! It’s perfect to do some projects I have on my list. I bought 5 wooden chairs from this group I’m with. It’s  where you can sell, swap or even take FREE items but you have to be quick for it’s first come first serve unless the owner said it’s for bidding.

These 5 chairs I got were very sturdy for a $15 worth. The owner said she bought it in a restaurant that closed nearby her area. She was planning to paint it but it’s been sitting in her garage for a while now so she decided to just give it up. I actually got the idea from her so I did some research and found several options online. And here’s what I came up with…

Materials and Tools I used:

2 Old Chairs ($3 each)

Sand Paper  (.50c)

2 bottles of Glossy White Spray Paint (1 for each chair or more)  ($3.95 each)

1 yard Zebra Fabric (1/2 yd for each chair)  ($4.95/yd)

glue gun or Staple gun

electric drill



 #1 Unscrew the seat from the bottom and place it aside for reupholstering



#2 Lightly sand and apply one coat of spray paint (should use primer first but I didn’t know  at first so I just used the regular spray paint)

#3 Lightly Spray paint the chair with 1 minute interval every coat until you get the outcome you desire

chair #3 Now my favorite part – Upholstering. Fold new fabric over old fabric, pull the fabric tight but not too tight, and staple with heavy duty gun (if you have any) or just simply use glue gun like I did.




Now here’s the new seat for your chair

#4 Screw seat back on the frame and voila! The not so pretty chair turn into a very pretty one!


I love how it looks now. I decided to put them in one of the corner of our house where kids usually sits when they are playing minecraft with our iphones except they are now sitting on the chair and not on the floor. ;) (if you’re wondering why on earth they are sitting there and not on our couch is because that’s the nearest plug they can use to keep the iPhone running all day!)



This is the first chair make over I ever did. I do believe there’s  always a way to restore and renew things’ beauty in such easy and cheap way ;) Hope you like it ;) Don’t forget to share and pin it!



I have so much in mind that I wanted to do! I know I have more time now since I am no longer working but still not enough to juggle all the things I wanted to do. Two things – 1. house chores and 2. lazyness!  Sometimes I enjoy doing house chores too much, I am scrubbing toilets, mopping floors vacuuming and cleaning all the corners of the house but sometimes I am too lazy to do ANYthing at all! One advantage I’m enjoying so far being stay-at-home mom is that I can be LAZY anytime I want!!! You cannot do that when you’re at work unless you call your boss and pretend you’re sick when really, you’re NOT! I honestly haven’t done that coz I can’t afford to lose one day out of my paycheck. But guess what I hate about being stay-at-home mom? – no INCOME! Don’t try to tell me like other people keep on saying – “Your husband can give you money anyway!”. Of course he can If I ask but having your own income is still different. You won’t feel guilty if you buy something that you want or you don’t even have to beg ask from anybody and most importantly you can help your partner financially! I am sure some people understand what I am trying to say here. Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and now that it’s on my hand  made me realize, TIME is not the problem why I cannot finish tasks, it always depends on me, on how I am willing to do things. Like the old saying goes “If there’s a will, there’s a way” so better starts now!


1146504_567141866714499_109974664_n(Photos above are some of the things I wann do)