Surprise Present for a Woman

When it comes to surprising a woman, it is perhaps difficult to think of what particular present to give most especially if that person has something particular on her mind. But what every man should know that a woman is not that difficult to surprise because everything that is given to her wholeheartedly will be appreciated without a doubt. And when you do, even just simple perfume atomizers or just a flower that you will give, as long as you do it from the heart, you will definitely see the sincerity of her smile after receiving it. It’s not the present for her matters; rather, it’s the thought that counts.

Importance of Cases

When it comes to keeping our things, cases are really important. May it be just a plain stuff you have at home, music instruments, or devices, it is indeed practical to have a case on where you can keep them organized and last.

There are different cases according to its usage. For example is a plain cabinet where you can store your clothes and other stuff. Shoe rack, too, is also a good example where you can place your shoes and sandals. On the other hand, just like DJs, they have their own cases for their mixers and the like such as vms4 case for instance too. There are definitely a lot of cases available according to its purpose. What everyone should know that it is indeed very essential to have cases for all your stuff.

Time to Update Insurance

It’s OPEN ENROLLMENT time once again where it’s time  to check our insurances, make an update or switch to a better one. A year ago, we switched to a different insurance company due to change of employer. We switched to something cheaper but better insurance. So far, we are happy about it and there’s nothing we would change so far. I’ve heard so many insurances like we have that are also affordable and has good offer for a family like us. One of them is don allred insurance. I really don’t know about other insurance coz like what I said, we are happy with ours but I am sure adding it to my list just in case we encounter a problem.

Catching up for Christmas

Why did I not started making stuff before things get crazy? Can you imagine me now making stuff as Christmas presents, now that it’s the busiest season of the year for me? November is daughters birthday, then christmas then son’s birthday on January! I am cramming and my head is spinning like crazy. I  hope I don’t need any prescription ped meds. No Please. Not now! I need to finish lots of stuff not to mention some request for a friend’s birthday. I know I can do it, I just can’t believe I didn’t start early. Well, goodluck to me!

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Extra Cables for Emergency Use

It’s always important to have specific extra or reserve items such as charger for your devices at home since there are times that we can’t control of getting such stuff from damage. With that, having reserved item/s for your devices is really a big advantage.
Connectors/cables like RCA, charger, USB and such are the common items that can get destroyed then if not taken cared well. With that, keeping a backup would somehow lessen our problem if we need to use a particular stuff right away. You can check out some connectors/cables available online such as usb and Bluetooth connection, chargers and even tc mini, amazon, ebay and a lot more. Thus, having extra cable connections are no longer impossible to have with the help of online shops.

Snow in Fall

One more month before winter. I thought I still have time to prepare for it. My kids’ new winter jacket I ordered online is still on its way. I just ordered them last week thinking winter will start on December 21st anyway. I am also planning to make lots of beanies to sell but I guess I’m already late. Coz guess what, it snowed today in Arkansas! 10756612_737178113040461_1125018492_o

It’s so cold outside and it feels like winter started early! I am suppose to go run today for my daily exercise but I don’t think my body can tolerate the cold weather. I know I can if I just gear up correctly but the problem is my running shoes are not for winter. The cold will surely kill my toes! I think I need to buy a new one if I plan to continue running this winter. I’ll probably buy myself a brand new pair from Zalora. They have a quite a nice selection of running shoes for women there.”

There are so many things needed to be done, I am not ready for winter yet. I hope it won’t snow that much this year. Don’t get me wrong, snow is fun but it’s also killing me.

Funky Fish on Sale

Looking for fashionable accessories, as well as adorable gifts for the coming holidays? Head on at Funky Fish. They’re on sale on selected accessories, from sunglasses, celphone cover, jewelry, hair accessories, bags, wallets, flip flops, as well as fun gifts.

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Funky Fish branches: Glorietta 4, Makati – Ground Level Fairview Terraces, Fairview, Quezon City – Level 1 Robinsons Place, Manila – Pedro Gil Wing SM City, Marikina – Second Level

DIY T-Shirt Cutting

So I saw these new trending DIY shirt cuttings in facebook and pinterest. I also saw some of my gym mates wearing it so I decided to create one myself. I looked some shirts in my closet but most of them we’re my favorites, coz you know I am a t-shirt person but ofcourse when it comes to working out in the gym, t-shirt is my least favorite to wear. First of all it’s not comfortable and it’s going to be hot once you’re body is all worked out. Luckily I got this free shirt from one of the fair downtown last week. It’s black and the design is awesome too! So here’s what I’ve come up with ….

From Tshirt to racerback top!


Here’s the simple steps…


I hope you liked it guys like I do. It’s very easy and very comfortable to wear while doing Zumba! Try it and share your ideas with me!



My First Crochet Stuff Toy – “Creeper”

My kids are so crazy about MINECRAFT. They saw this creeper stuff toy in Barnes and Nobles and asking their Dad if they can buy it unfortunately, the Dad didn’t approved but bought books about minecraft instead. So, I figured it’s just bunch of squares so I tried making one and below are some photos of the finished product.

My kids loved it very much, I asked them to just take turn and share but it didn’t work for so now I am working with another one but instead of green, my daughter liked it to be PINK. I am actually excited and can’t wait  to see the finished product. Will post the picture soon! 

Elisha and Creeper


Ethan and Creeper